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On December 31,2019, Sanmenxia City of Henan Province held a news conference on the special struggle against crime and evil, informing the situation of the special struggle in 2019, and proposing that the special rectification in the field of mine resources and the supervision of civil explosive materials should be carried out with emphasis on Lingbao City.


Before that, Sanmenxia City Public Security Bureau has just knocked out a gang headed by Ma Changjiang and Yang Manzeng in Lingbao, and arrested more than 70 suspects of all kinds. The group's violent mining and explosives hoarding have exposed the chaos of local gold mining.


Ma Changjiang, who has been engaged in gold mining for a long time, is known as \"the richest man in Lingbao\" in Sanmenxia City, with nearly 2 billion yuan. It is reported that the case, which was supervised by the political and legal committee of the henan provincial party committee and called \"henan no.1 criminal case \", has been transferred to luoyang prosecution for review and prosecution.


Yuedu Village,15 minutes'drive from Lingbao City, has a three-story villa with an area of about 400 square meters. Villa built-in elevator, luxury decoration; west bamboo forest, quiet environment. The owner of the villa is the former party branch secretary of Yuedu Village Ma Changjiang.


According to the villagers,58-year-old ma changjiang, who began as village director in the late 1990s, became a village secretary in 2006, with nearly 2 billion yuan,\" the first group to get rich in the village.\"


In 1975, zhuyang people's commune in lingbao county (now zhuyang town, lingbao city) was approved to establish a gold mine, the local gold industry has since started. By the end of 1980, there were 73 gold production units in the county, with 2560 people engaged in gold production.


One villager recalls that \"deep mining was far from beginning, and the veins of gold were often exposed to the surface, and a few workers could be found to make a machine to produce high-grade ore.\"


In this context, Ma Changjiang followed a mine owner in his village and became an early gold digger. With some experience and money, he began to contract the pit alone, and gradually formed his own \"gang\" forces.


Ma changjiang involved in the black case related to the indictment mentioned that ma changjiang is known as \"big boss \", is the gang's organizer, leader; yang manzeng, Meng Yunfeng, Jia kai creative partners long-term follow and obey him. They \"keep members of the organization in captivity by paying dividends and bonuses, providing financial assistance, etc., and\" provide funds for crime violations and incentives for top offenders \".


Matthew (pseudonym), a miner in lingbao city, told china newsweek that the main crime in the mine was violent mining robbery.\" The private sector has no mining rights and needs to contract the pit to the big mine (the state-owned enterprise) and pay the management fee and the mining share on a monthly basis \". After contracting the pit, the mine owner opens the mine along the fixed vein line, and often meets the colleagues who open the mine from the other end of the vein line on the way, causing conflict for the ore.


In the face of the conflict, mine owners need to form a mine protection team. According to matthew, the tools commonly used for mining are pickaxes and homemade dynamite packs,\" tossed around in the early years with the aim of scaring each other away.\"


The aforementioned indictment shows that the ma changjiang gang involved in mining. Among them, the earliest recorded case occurred 20 years ago. In 1999, Ma Changjiang and others gathered 30 people, armed with pickaxes and machetes, seized more than 100 tons of gold ore in a pit of Jiaogou, and exploded and blocked the roadway in a pit of Jiaogou.


In addition to mining, the Ma Changjiang gang has been charged with explosives robbery. In April 2002, more than 50 people were gathered from one side of the Ma Changjiang River to enter the Old Raven Chat0 pit from the 3 pits of the Black Horse Valley.


On March 7,2001, a serious carbon monoxide poisoning accident occurred in 5 pits of Yisishan Gold Mine in Lingbao City, killing 10 people and poisoning 21. Ma changjiang is the direct contractor of the pit.


According to the State Administration of Safety Supervision and Supervision of the public report of the accident, after the mine accident, the deputy director of Yuedu Village, Yan Jugang gang Tongyi Sishan gold mine director Wang Yuhong, paid 6000 yuan to the Sanmenxia mine rescue team.


The circular mentioned that \"the illegal opening of the closed crater by the Fangyuedu Village and the direct contractor, Ma and Ma Changjiang River, is the primary cause of the accident \", and that\" the lack of safety qualification and the lack of safety production conditions in Yuedu Village and Ma Changjiang River, the lack of safety knowledge education and training for miners, the unlicensed employment of special operations personnel and the imperfect safety production system are the reasons for the occurrence of the accident.


Ma Changjiang has two brothers and two sons, three of whom Ma Changbo, the second son Ma Wei later joined the mining ranks. Ma Wei was born in 1986 and his wife is the daughter of Xu Gaoming, the former chairman of Lingbao Gold Co., Ltd.(hereinafter called Gold Co.), according to a person familiar with the matter. At that time, the wedding of the two due to excessive luxury, the whole city.


The mine owners have gone deep into the mine. \"Lingbao Yangping, the county, Yu Ling, Zhu Yang and other production of Jinzhong Town, the mountain has been opened.\" According to matthew, the mine tunnel in jiuqu ileum became an underground road.\" It took two hours to drive from yue du village to zhu yang, but half an hour to drill the mine,\" he said.


At the same time, in the face of such problems as low concentration of mines, unreasonable mining area setting and serious waste of resources, Lingbao began to integrate the gold mining enterprises in the whole city in 2002, and gradually formed several large enterprises such as Lingbao Jinyuan Mining Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Jinyuan Co., Ltd.), Henan Qinling Gold Mining Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Qinling Gold Co.), Gold Co., Ltd., Henan Wenyu Gold Co., Ltd., Henan Jinqu Gold Co., Ltd.


Matthew mentioned that ma changjiang and the above-mentioned enterprises have more intersection, the power in the mine is growing. Later,\" Lingbao almost every mountain has his contracted crater \".


Lingbao is still circulating a smooth local -\" mountain ma changjiang, mountain yuan yue zeng, no less than chen ziwan \", is said to be ma changjiang and yuan yuezeng, chen ziwan and other groups of influence.


In November 2015, Ma Changjiang conspired with Jin Jianping, former general manager of Jinyuan Company, Li Haibo, former manager of Jinyuan Company's Dingsheng Branch, to violently block the roadway at the 1118 pit of Qinling Gold Mine and to cross the border mining. As of December 2017, the gang crossed the border mining about 10,000 tons, involving about tons of gold production, the value of gold about 11.44 million yuan.


At 10:36 a.m., the Qinling Gold Mine Company's 1660 craters were in danger and all nine people were trapped in the mine.


After the accident, Qinling Gold Mine Company and Jinyuan Company both sent rescue teams to participate in the rescue. After the rescue workers arrived at the scene, they smelled strong smoke at the well head of the accident.


In addition, Yima Coal Group Co., Ltd.(hereinafter called Yi Coal Company) also participated in the rescue. The company reported that \"in the 1660 pit into the disaster area search and rescue, found that the left hand side of the fork roadway filled with smoke, carbon monoxide value to the explosive state.\"


Yi coal company's notice, side confirmed 1208 potholes and 1660 potholes mutual access rumors. At the time, officials described the accident as a \"mine accident \". However, several respondents said the accident was actually man-made and that the\" unknown fog \"was caused by ma wei and others burning used tyres and chili noodles to grab the mine after opening the pit.


According to Matthew, the old tires sprinkled with chili pepper are lit and the smoke produced is big and choking, which is a common means of local mining in Lingbao. However, the holes are in all directions, and the smoke is too high to make the miners lose their way, even leading to suffocation or poisoning.


Li hui, who once shared a room with ma wei, told china newsweek that ma wei had personally mentioned the details of the tires,\" he said he only wanted to smoke the other side, did not expect his men to pull too many tires, and finally smoked too much.\"


“3 24" Mine accident located in Lingbao City Zhuyang Town Sishang Village. The reporter's field visit found that the burning of chili noodles and tires were also circulated among local villagers. It is worth noting that many villagers said the death toll from the "March 24" mine was far more than 11. Reporters tried to verify the mining workers, but encountered Qinling gold mining company economic police brigade intercept.


On the death toll, china newsweek has asked the qinling gold mining company and the sanmenxia municipal political and legal committee to verify, but the other side refused to respond on the grounds of ignorance of the case.


After the “‘3.24' mine accident, Zhu Yang sent a rectification letter to 1208 pit mouth, demanding to stop production and rectify, and return the remaining explosives to the gold mine explosive storehouse on the temple. In violation of the requirements, Ma Wei arranged for workers to keep the 1208 roadway explosives in place.


“In May 2017, Ma Changjiang, Yang Manzeng, Wu Shuliang and Wang Baiying arranged for workers to illegally use 1208 roadway explosives to resume production during the period when Lingbao City Safety Supervision Bureau ordered production to stop.


“On 22 May, the Zhuyang police station and the Lingbao Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau seized 9,654 kilograms of explosives at the entrance of 1208 craters, nearly 1,000 times the criminal prosecution standard, but only detained the persons concerned for 15 days and fined 200,000 yuan.


in addition, the indictment also mentioned that in april 2018, ma changjiang and his brother ma changbo and others contacted qinling gold mining company,\" contracted the qinling gold mine sivangou sub-minor (i.e.,1660 crater) with explosive materials application qualification but actually abandoned, and purchased a large number of explosive materials in the name of the crater for storage in the haima valley 8 crater \".


Matthew to China Newsweek analysis, Ma Changjiang bold, bold, willing to spend money, bought a number of public officials. The indictment also confirmed that \"ma changjiang and others carry out the benefit transfer to the party and government-owned enterprise cadres at the grass-roots level, forming the black economic interest chain of'raising black umbrella with black money'\".


《 China Newsweek noted that over the past year, a number of former or current Lingwei police officials have fallen, including Song Zhongkui, former director of the Lingbao Public Security Bureau, Ma Songtao, deputy director of the political department, Liu Zhanqiang, deputy director Lee Lingwei, and Jiang Jianhua, a police officer. Among them, Liu Zhanqiang served as deputy director of Lingbao City Public Security Bureau in charge of the work of the mine brigade; Jiang Jianhua served as deputy captain of the Lingbao City Public Security Bureau's Guxian County Branch Bureau Security team, managing the security of more than 100 gold pits.


In addition, on November 13,2019, Xu Baocheng, former deputy director of the Henan Provincial Public Security Bureau and Lingbao people, took the initiative; on November 25,2019, Zhao Changfa, a former inspector of the Henan Provincial Population and Family Planning Commission and former secretary of the Sanmenxia Municipal Committee of political Science and Law, retired for eight years. Sources said that the two men were involved in the case of Ma Changjiang River.


The local mo wenfei (pseudonym) has dealt with ma songt, former secretary of the party committee and director of the political department of the lingbao city public security bureau. He learned from ma songt's mouth that ma wei had taken the place of other people's establishment to go through the police formalities and served as a police officer of the shanxia county (now shanzhou district) in sanmenxia city.


In August 2018, Ma Changjiang et al. were controlled. On September 20, Sanmenxia City Public Security Bureau issued a circular to the public soliciting the criminal gang's criminal clues.


The indictment shows that until the last moment before being controlled, the Ma Changjiang gang was still active in the mine:\" from April to July 2018, Ma Changjiang, Wu Shuliang, Ma Changbo and others borrowed 1660 crater qualification for illegal trading, transportation, storage of 46920 kg of explosives and 35500 tubes.


In February 2019, Sanmenxia City Public Security Bureau held a news conference on the special struggle against crime and evil and revealed that more than 70 suspects of all kinds had been arrested in the case involving Ma Changjiang. On August 26, Lingbao City held the whole city Party members and cadres warning education conference; after the meeting, Lingbao City Court, Lingbao Gold Group Company and other special meetings, urged the public officials involved in the case of Ma Changjiang evil forces voluntarily turned their heads and strive for organizational leniency.


It is reported that the current Ma Changjiang case has been transferred to Luoyang prosecution for review and prosecution. Some of the indictments obtained by China Newsweek show that the Ma Changjiang gang is suspected of robbery, explosives robbery, provocation, forced trading, illegal trading, transportation, storage, explosives, major accidents and environmental pollution.


In particular, the circular mentioned that, in view of the problems of industry supervision exposed by criminal and evil cases, Sanmenxia will focus on Lingbao City, deploy in the whole city to carry out special regulation of mine resources and civilian explosive materials, and further strengthen the supervision of the industry.